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3D printed gun displayed in exhibition at the New Museum

Adhocracy via New MuseumImage via Adhocracy exhibition site

From Ken Johnson’s lukewarm NYT review of the exhibition, one has the sense that the curators didn’t fully cash-in on the interpretive potential of displaying this gun:

The exhibition, in the New Museum’s annex at 231 Bowery, does not make a big deal about the gun. Organized by Joseph Grima, editor of Domus magazine and co-curator of the 2012 Istanbul Design Biennial, in which a version of “Adhocracy” first appeared, it presents mostly benign projects by architects, designers, artisans and inventors. It is mainly devoted to the sorts of positive, self-empowering things that people can make and do for themselves, like build their own furniture and bicycles; make new appliances like coffee makers and vacuum cleaners using the functional parts of old, broken ones; and raise money for bigger projects through Kickstarter.

Guess I’m going to take a field trip and see this thing for myself. Stay tuned!

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